Physical and digital infrastructure for sustainable urban life

Enabling intermodal and multimodal shared journeys directly where people need it
Providing connected charging services for EV, fleet and micro mobility
New Tech and Services
Integrating proximity and community services by combining our digital platform with Europe’s most dense physical infrastructure
Utilizing urban locations as fulfilment centres for city logistics, storage and distribution services

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Our innovative physical and digital logistics solutions allow us to centralise and reduce logistics journeys to meet the demands of new urban environments and continued e-commerce growth. As a result traffic and CO2 emissions will be reduced, whilst in parallel our logistics partners gain efficiency benefits.

Locker Boards
Urban Warehousing
Fleet Parking
Drone Logistics
Last Mile Delivery
Self Storage


As the largest network in Europe, APCOA provides extensive, well-connected charging stations in central locations. Several thousand e-charging points have been installed and our infrastructure is designed to meet the charging needs of electric vehicles, fleet and micro mobility as well as the installation requirements for renewable energy.

EV Rental
Fleet Charging
Micro Mobility Charging
Photovoltaic Systems


With more than 11,000 sites, APCOA has unrivaled pan-European coverage of densely consumer- and business-populated central locations. We provide millions of consumer touchpoints that enable a variety of use cases, including car rental, car and ride sharing, micro mobility and intermodal transport.

Autonomous Vehicles
Car & Ride Sharing
Car Rental
Intermodal Transport
Micro Mobility

New Tech and Services

Our digital platform and dense infrastructure network allow us to proactively shape new use cases and connect to further businesses and industries. By integrating and enabling new technology and proximity services, we can bring new use cases to life, such as 5G antennas, micro maintenance and mobile health.

5G Technology
Community & Entertainment
Distributed Manufacturing
Micro Maintenance
Mobile Health

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